Southridge Capital LLC is a financial solution company based in Connecticut. It offers financial advisory services as well as structured finance to public companies. Additionally, it is committed to offer their customers a complete spectrum of financial solutions that are innovative and capable of meeting their diversified needs.



Southridge Capital has a capable and experienced executive team that has a strong and intuitive understanding of the market dynamics and are dedicated to execute best financial plans for their clients. Since 1996, it has invested in many growing companies globally to a tune of $1.8 billion. Having invested in over 250 public companies, Southridge has developed a deep understanding of the dynamics and logistics associated with developing companies. Therefore, they can offer corporate consultancy services such as on issues related to being a public company, individualized financial strategies as well as management of optimized balance sheet. You can visit




The financial company offers a wide variety of advisory services such as financial analysis. In financial analysis, Southridge Capital formulates highly detailed projected finance statements that go hand-in-hand with financial as well as operational assumptions. Moreover, the institution also provides balance sheet optimization services, whereby they help companies strike a balance between debt and equity and give access to strategies that are likely to yield the desired results. Other services they offer include mergers and acquisitions, restructuring analysis, bankruptcy advisory, as well as legal settlement services. You can visit




The big player in financial services, Southridge Capital, was founded in 1996 by Stephen M. Hicks, who is also its Chief Executive Officer. The founder and CEO directs the Southridge group of companies in terms of business strategies, business development as well as execution. His broad body of knowledge, skills and over 30 years of experience in the investment industry sums up the quality of leadership that has made Southridge Capital a leading company in financial services delivery. However, the leadership wouldn’t be complete without the 4 other executive individuals. Narine Persaud Laurence J. Ditkoff, Henry B. Sargent as well as Linda Carlsen, holds different executive positions in the company.



The company has grown rapidly from a mere hedge fund company to the big financial solutions company it is now. Southridge Capital is a socially responsible and has ventured into different community and charity activities.


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