Vijay Eswaran was born on 7th October 1960 in Penang. In 1984 Vijay graduated from the London school of economics attaining a degree in socio-economic. During his stay in Europe, he did various kind of job like working in a building place in Belgium and picking grapes in France to earn a living.

Later on, Vijay went to the UK, and in his working was introduced to the binary system marketing. In the year 1986, he achieved a professional qualification from the CIMA and an MBA in the southern Illinois University this was because of the influence he got in the UK. He later started working in the US for synaptic and also dealt with multilevel marketing as a part-time job.

He worked for IBM and other firms in North America and south-east Asia as their information system engineer for some years. In 1998 that is 13 years later is when he returned to Malaysia.

During his return, the Cosway group talked to Vijay to have a partnership and start a business in their country. Vijay Eswaran was then a co-founder of a multilevel marketing company, which by his help grew and expanded into IQ Group Company.

The IQ group company has established its office station in various parts like Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and its headquarters in Malaysia. In like ten countries the IQ group has subsidiary companies an example is the Green Venture Capital.

Vijay Eswaran established a rhythm foundation, and the QI group is responsible for driving the organization.

Vijay Eswaran is an author of books like Sphere of Silence, Thinking Zone, 18 stepping stones and his books explain part of his personal life. Back in his home, he established a charitable organization, Vijayaratnam foundation named after his father and his wife Umayal Eswaran is the chairperson.

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