Clayton Hutson is a man who knows his way around the music industry. He has worked professionally in various positions including stage manager, tour production, sound engineer, and project manager. Hutson is proficient in so many aspects of the music industry that he decided to start a live entertainment production company of his own.

The experience Clayton Hutson has provides him a unique perspective which takes into account the artist’s experience, the end result aesthetics for the event attendees, and allows him to provide unparalleled ideas for set design, lighting, and sound.

Although Hutson has dabbled with corporate entertainment productions, most notably Billy Graham, he realized his true professional love was found in music. Over the course of his remarkable career he has worked with some legendary performers including Kid Rock, Pink, Garbage, and Guns n Roses. He assists these performers in creating a show that demonstrates who they are at the core of their artistry. Some performers such as Pink as renowned for acrobatics, aerial stunts, silks, joint stunts with other professionals, and actions that truly push the envelope of what once was a concert. Hutson enjoys this type of performance greatly and is inspired by their individualistic means of artistic expression.

Clayton Hutson is inspired and excited by the advancements in current day technology that allow him to truly push the limits when it comes to impressing the crowds. In a cutting-edge industry where every performance needs to “wow” the audience, Hutson has become well-versed in what works for both the performer and the crowd, as well as how far production can be expanded due to the advancements in lighter, higher quality equipment.

Whenever anyone inquires about how Clayton Hutson ensures his day will be productive, his answer is straightforward. He ensures that he arrives before anyone else and in the quiet visualization of the blank canvas that is the performance space he is able to outline even the tiniest of tasks for the day. This preparation time enables him to immediately begin to delegate and remain efficient throughout the course of the day.

As an entrepreneur, Clayton Hutson prides himself on ensuring that he delivers an impeccable end result. He credits his success at doing so to double, triple, or even quadruple checking each action throughout the day. If his name is associated with something, Hutson wants it to be the best it can possibly be.

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