Anti Aging Research

Who wants to contribute to anti-aging? Isn’t anti-aging impossible? Doesn’t everyone have to age? These are questions that are being challenged for several decades by people working at the SENS Foundation. Research and medical technology that has been coming out of the biotechnology laboratories at SENS have shown that the process we traditionally know of as aging is more like a disease that can be healed. When I say cure I mean that aging can be slowed down to the degree that the body breaks down at a slower pace rather than the regular route when faced with non-medical interventions. Visit Sens Research Foundation to learn more.

Philanthropy for Anti-Aging

Not only is the degree to which aging can be affected is changing, but also the people who are supporting the work at SENS are very articulate and some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs of our day. SENS Foundation and its work in anti-aging have attracted many philanthropic donors. For example, Aubrey de Grey, the co-founder of SENS Foundation, scientist and author has contributed nearly 13 million of his wealth to the foundation. After the death of his Mother in 2011 DeGrey inherited $16M from his Moher, being the only child. Dr. Aubrey deGrey freely chose to give the SENS Foundation $13M of his inheritance to continue the work he had been developing for many years thru his SENS Foundation. Following his generosity were people like Peter Thiel and recently Jason Hope who contributed a $500,000 gift to the SENSE Foundation to further the work of anti-aging research.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, and he believes that “it’s not about treating, it’s about preventing”to live “longer, healthier lives.” Long known for his ideas which challenge the established ways of doing things, Jason Hope made his fortune as a software developer in the early years of the internet, but now is seeking to support a new breed of upshot entrepreneurs who have bold plans but little money to get started. Jason Hope is now offering seed money ranging from $500-5000 to help young entrepreneurs to get started. High School and College students should fill out the form on the Jason Hope website here.


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