William Saito is a man with both domestic and international recognition in his technology skills. His career path was founded by the idea of “I’ve always been curious about how things work”, as he once described reflected on childhood. William Saito started his first business out of his college dorm room. His efforts were noticed by major corporations, and before he knew it, William Saito was building technology for the next generation. His recent ventures have been on behalf of world powers in cybersecurity.


In modern society, technology is fully ingrained into every industry imaginable. As such, Cyber-security is a key issue for organizations and countries going forward. William Saito believes the first step is to prevent the attack before it happens. An individual has to look at the big picture and develop a flexible plan to tackle the issues at hand. However, at the end of the day, there might be little an individual can do to prevent an attack. In that situation, avoid pinning blame on someone. Always focus on making the system better and prevent future issues from developing. The cyber threats will always be trying something new next.


Regardless of how confident an individual thinks their security is, or how frequent they expect to be hacked, William Saito strongly discourages the idea of normalcy. He gives a long series of suggestions to prevent this mindset from happening. It ranges from hiring an individual to oversee security, to routine updates and training, and cyber insurance to have all basis covered. The best prevention method is always to remain vigilant to these types of attack, and keep an eye on the ever-changing technology around us.


In the modern era of technology, cyber attacks are considered to be the newest war front. Attacks can be pinpointed to exact computers or individuals, and remain undetectable in the launch source. William Saito is someone who sees the effects of these attacks firsthand. He believes that while dangerous, there are clear prevention measures an organization can take. When looking at these types of an organization he cites “technology must be applied on a global level” as an area he looks into. Cyber attacks shouldn’t be something to fear, but not something that should simply be accepted.






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