Recently, in the presence of Zeco Auriemo, Prince Albert of Monaco and Mariana Auriemo organized dinner at the mall, which gave them the chance to plan for the Brazil Monaco Project in Sao Paulo. There was a much glamour show on the mall, and the principal objective of the dinner was to present the Brazil Monaco Project among others. Luciana Montigny, the founder of the NGO that supports AIDS activities, was present, and her project was addressed among other small projects that were introduced during the dinner.

That was a night of capturing the moment, as the attention was not leaned on one side of the project but also photography. Great photographers were present and signed the photos during the dinner. The photographers also happened to put their initials to the pair of earrings from the distinguished guests as well as the auctioning of the work of Avec Le Temps the Philippe pastor. The beautiful night was captured with dazzling gold showers, elegant, colorful dresses, and glittering jewelry. In addition to the splendor, the night was crowned by the singer of Bossa Nova hits who made the moment worth to spend and share, learn more on (

Prince Albert of Monaco was among the icons of the day, but as moments went by, Albert disappeared for a while after taking the Brazilian Farofa menu. The song must have been a classic one to draw such attention. The previous day before the big day, Albert spent the afternoon at the mall to adjust the environment and even bought bikinis among other clothes for the twins Jacques and Gabriella while at Silmara store. The dinner led to holding of the season of black-tie parties, that is in Sao Paulo. Recently in May, the NGO Brazil Foundation raised money, which they gave the young designer Pedro Lourenco during the Global Brazilian Award.

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