Life is never easy for those who challenge the masses. Whitney Wolfe, the founder and CEO of Bumble, serves as a prime example. Wolfe designed Bumble as an empowering tool for women who are looking for love. Essentially, you make a profile, provide photos and a short bio describing yourself. Then you view profiles of others who you might find interesting, swipe right for interest, left for no interest. The big difference here is that if you connect, its the woman’s initiative to start a conversation. As a young man, I appreciate the strides that are being taken to allow women an even playing field. Read this article about Whitney Wolfe at Forbes.

Despite the ideals and the exponential growth behind the format of Bumble, Wolfe has had no shortage of obstacles to over come. On a personal level, Whitney Wolfe and her employees were attacked last year via a NEO-Nazi group posting personal information online. The threat was clear, and the FBI were able to identify and intervene on behalf of Wolfe and her employees. Unfortunately this incident did spur Wolfe to employ a personal body guard for safety. Equally disheartening was the knowledge that this attack added to a growing load of anxiety for Wolfe.

Most of this anxiety could easily be contributed to the talks surrounding the sale of Bumble, and the subsequent denial of sale. Multiple offers to buy were extended from Match Group, the owners of, Ok Cupid, and Whitney Wolfe’s past project Tinder. Once talks closed with a steadfast refusal to sell even for a hefty 1 billion dollar offer, legal hoopla followed. Match group filed a law suit against Wolfe claiming copyright infringements. The sheer timing and reasoning behind the suit seems fraught with an intent from Match group to ruin what they cant have. Whitney Wolfe seems to second this opinion claiming that she feels the suit is frivolous and aimed to cause poor reputation.

Thankfully, progress for Whitney Wolfe and Bumble has not halted. From the beginning of the suits, Bumble has found a growth of over 4 million users. The numbers just keep climbing as well. Wolfe likened Bumble’s 24 window for connection to that window Cinderella had to enjoy her night. While not every fairy tale has a happy ending, Wolfe is certainly working hard towards not only her own, but to providing one for millions of women across the globe.



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