In 2010, the Supreme Court made a monumental decision that caused the group End Citizens United to spring into action. The Supreme Court made a decision in a case called Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission which swept away much of the existing campaign finance laws. The doors were opened for dark money to come into campaigns in almost unlimited amounts. Groups like End Citizens United believe that this is a threat to democracy as we know it.

End Citizens United has as its goal the eventual overturning of the Supreme Court’s decision. However, they have other goals as well. The group wants to change the way that campaigns are financed. They want to see those who are an impediment to campaign finance reform voted out of office. Follow the organization on Twitter.

In order to help advance their cause ECU puts out a list each year of those politicians who the group believes take the most dirty money. ECU seeks to endorse and support candidates who will work to defeat those who are trying to keep the corporate money flowing into politics.

In past years, End Citizens United has focused its efforts on federal level races endorsing those running for the House and Senate. This year, ECU is branching out. The group has decided to back candidates on the state level as well. A wing of ECU has been formed called Fight For Reform. They will be endorsing candidates on the state and local level.

One of the candidates that is being endorsed is Molly Kelly. She is a Democrat who is running in the New Hampshire Governor’s race. Ms. Kelly is committed to rooting out special interests on the state level. She has stated that she will not be accepting any corporate campaign contributions. If she should be elected to the governor’s office, Ms. Kelly has stated that she will try to implement laws which enact campaign finance limits in future races.

End Citizens United continues with its mission to take corporate money out of politics. They are now working at both the federal and state level of government.

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