Paul Mampilly has earned billions of dollars on Wall Street and has made many wealthy people and firms wealthier in the process. He eventually left Wall Street because he felt that it doesn’t help many regular people. While many of the elite, do well and continue to do well, there are many everyday Americans who continue to struggle with the stock market. Mampilly feels that these people need help, and he knows he is the man to offer them that help.

When Paul Mampilly finally left the world of Wall Street, he had enough money to retire with. Instead of doing so, he got into the publishing business, and he decided to partner up with Banyan Hill Publishing in order to reach more people. Through Banyan Hill, he feels like he can help many different kinds of people who come from a spread of different backgrounds. He is glad that Banyan Hill charges affordable prices for the research that him and many others do, and he knows he is now offering something that regular investors will not find on Wall Street.

Paul Mampilly spends many hours on a daily basis conducting the kind of research that leads to the discovery of excellent investment choices. He then works hard to write everything out in a way that a regular person can understand. Mampilly is able to explain the stock market and investing concepts so well to his audience because he is able to put himself in their shoes. Mampilly’s investment picks and recommendations come with charts and plenty of data to back it up. He knows that most people are very busy in their daily lives, so he does his best to make everything he writes easy to understand and simple to follow.

Paul Mampilly has expressed that his success as an entrepreneur comes from his ability to maintain a routine in his every day life. He stays on top of all of the latest information and data related to his stock picks and is always paying attention to any new news so he doesn’t miss anything. He believes that it is his dedication to his readers and his craft that makes him one of the best in the industry.

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