The Latest Ventures of China’s JD.Com

JD .Com was launched in the year 1998 under the name 360 buy. The founder, Richard Liu started the company after his physical shops failed. These shops sold products of the Magneto optical brand. So he opened an online store that sold the same products and named it 360 buys. In the year 2014, he decided to put the platform into greater use and officially launched an online retail platform that dealt with a wider variety of goods. The name was changed to JD.Com in the year 2013. 20 percent of the company was sold to Tencent which in turn used its online platforms to advertise the company earning it millions of users. The company has grown to become one of the two largest e-commerce platforms in China and a member of the Fortune Global 500. The platform currently boasts of more than 302 million users according to their quarterly report in 2018. The company reportedly makes annual revenue amounting to more than 55 billion dollars.

JD .Com launches a package delivery service

The package delivery service in China is a booming market that is attracting major investors and businessmen. One of the businesses that have seen the potential of the market is JD.Com. The company has recently announced the launch of their new package delivery service. The company is set to apply its a logistics networks to the market. JD.Com will allow customers from Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing. The customers will be able to access this service by using the JD.Com application or by making pick-up requests through the WeChat social communications application.

With assets like numerous warehouses, vehicles and human labor, JD.Com promises that they will be able to serve almost a hundred percent of the Chinese population and make almost ninety percent of the daily ordered deliveries. JD.Com is known for using high tech delivery systems like the use of drone, robots and other autonomous technology that will make their efficiency top notch. Depending on the reception that the service will receive in the country, the company is set to launch a global service later. This marks a new era in the JD.Com brand.

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