What’s not to like about a luscious lip balm in fun packaging? Beauty Broadcast Express has created an appealing review on You Tube of EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm. The reviewer is a comely brunette whose appreciation of this brand of lip balm is contagious. She sets out with such descriptions as handy, cute, and collectible, then moves on to include ingredients of this 99% natural product with shea butter, Vitamin E, plus the cutting edge addition of Vitamin C. This colorless lip balm is said to work nicely as a primer, for use prior to lipstick application as it is not too greasy or slippery.

Former knowledge of the EOS line is evident, comparing this Visibly Soft balm with the former flavors such as their SPF lemon and medicated tangerine. It is the opinion of Beauty Broadcast Express that this new line is more hydrating and glides on more smoothly than earlier offerings. As with others in the EOS line, this Visibly Soft is free of gluten, and parabens.

She rolls the Easter egg-like container before the viewer and recommends the scents. One can easily imagine the Vanilla Mint. The Coconut Milk balm is heralded for its soft not too overwhelming taste, a “teeny sweet flavor“, not “in your face”, an amusing choice of words for something applied to the lips.

This EOS lip balm review suggests a call to action in that one’s curiosity is so piqued that it might slip right onto the next shopping list. Many consumers shop for something to relieve dryness of lips and add a gloss of shine. EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm may land smack dab into our cart after watching this review. And with good reason, as Beauty Broadcast Express happily suggests.

1 thought on “EOS Lip Balm Review Smack Dab on Target

  1. There is more to EOS that many people never knew and I believe that this Youtube review has revealed. EOS is great to the lips and that it also comes with some features according to relationship starters blog such as the different flavor and its container shape. I think watching this review will show one how soft this new product is to the lip especially, the Coconut Milk balm.

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