Matt Badiali had a dream of studying sciences and being able to pursue a career in the field. However, the world of finance was fascinating that he ended up staying away from his sciences dream. He joined the finance world in 2004 after being introduced by a friend. With an undergraduate degree in the vibrant discipline from the Penn State University as well as a master’s degree from Florida’s Atlantic University in geology, he was almost receiving his Ph.D from the University of North Carolina when his friend diverted his plans toward a different path.

Many people who have listened to Matt Badiali and his advice have benefited in the world of business. His friend was already working in the finance sector and knew that Matt would love the industry. Those who have used Matt’s advice have gained double returns in their investments. The intentions of the friend who wanted Matt to use his knowledge in geology to offer advice for the average investor attained the goal of offering access to excellent information in the financial sector.

Matt Badiali launched his newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist in 2017 with Banyan Hill Publishing. Through the newsletter, Matt reaches to his subscribers who understand the value they receive from his recommendations in the world of natural resources. From his research and his experiences, Matt Badiali believes that there will be a change in the consumption rates of energy. The difference in the energy will shift the focus to electricity-centered from fossil fuels that wait for battery technology to offer the capacity to supply the whole city with power.

Matt Badiali’s approach to investment and research prospects has made him travel far and near to talk to CEOs and scientists about oil wells, mines, and geological data. He has traveled the world to get more information so that he can offer the best advice. He has researched in Haiti, Turkey, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Yukon, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Iraq, and the Mexican deserts to display the extensiveness of his readiness to offer investors with advice using his experience in agricultural industries, mining, and energy. His current overview of the market of metals is that people hate metals.

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