The world of beauty products has recently seen a rise to a new name and that name is Sunday Riley Beauty Products. While Sunday Riley may simply seem like a cool and hip new name that a young creative mind has come up with to create a buzz but that is not exactly the case. Sunday Riley is actually the name of the mind that is behind the buzz that is already being created by this brand. Sunday Riley launched this brand in the year 2009. She felt that there was an unexplored market for beauty products which included science-based active ingredients with botanicals.

While Sunday Riley is not one of them but creating cool and hip names is something that is crucial to this brand as they have a small range of products which is limited to a number of only 13 but have really attractive names such as Tidal Luna and Auto Correct. The success of these names is only too clear from their Instagram following of 226,000. Here’s a brief description of some of them.

Luna Sleeping night oil is a product that is used for removing wrinkles and reducing the appearance of pores and also to remove signs of premature ageing with a mixture of ingredients which include retinol. Retinol is a somewhat scary ingredient for some as it has been known to produce ill effects if used incorrectly however Luna Sleeping night oil has been known to work quite effectively to produce al the desired affects.

Ceramic Slip Facial Cleanser is used for removing makeup and for purifying the skin and does so adequately with harmless ingredients such as French green clay, bentonite, and white clay. It contains no fragrance or oils and hence it produces a very desirable feel as well.

Next up is U.F.O, an abbreviation meaning not what you would think but rather Ultra Clarifying Oil, and is used for clearing up acne and blemishes on the face. Its smart formula prevents flaking while curing.

And lastly is the Auto Correct Brightening and depuffing Eye contour cream which is the perfect solution for anyone who has ever faced the dreaded problem of dark circles around the eyes. It includes an array of interesting and carefully thought out ingredients which include horse chestnut and a herb called acmella oleracea, caffeine, Brazilian ginseng root, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, watermelon rind extract, and sodium PCA. Making it the ultimate all green beauty product. Check out Sunday Riley products on Amazon.

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