Mullen Lowe, is headed by its founder, Jose Borghi. He is the highly artistic front man, responsible for a series of commercial videos, in Brazil. Mullen Lowe, is the company, behind Brazil’s unsurpassed and much loved, commercial video projects. Jose’s most memorable and striking commercial video, is “Mammals Parmalat”. In this commercial video, that was shown in Brazil, children are imaginatively singing, while dancing to, popular Brazilian jingles. The compelling aspect of this cute and entertaining commercial video, is that the children are dancing around, while dressed up with costumes, as if they are themselves, stuffed animals.

Jose’s victories are deserved. He is highly sought after, throughout the commercial video market. Jose’s exploits, originate from his youth, during a time when he was not yet, in high school. His sister, along with Jose, went to a theater, hoping that Jose would be inspired, from a highly artistic set of commercial video presentations. The theater presented a creative and inspirational viewing of commercial videos for everyone to watch. All of the commercial videos that were shown, were already famously known, in Brazil, for their unique creativity. The commercial videos, on display that day, were all presented with a trophy. This trophy, was for their originality, awarded by the Film Festival, at Cannes. Each of the directors of the commercial videos, was given a trophy.

Jose and partner, Erh Ray, founded a commercial venture, named, BorghiErh. The name switched, to Borghi Lowe, when Lowe entered the venture. They quickly prospered as a business, and then, united with Lowe & the Mullen Group, to institute the label, Mullen Lowe. for more.

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