The Success of Waiakea Water

Inc. Magazine is an organization that ranks best-growing companies. According to the current records, Waiakea Hawaiian Bottled Water is included among the fast growing companies in the world. It is rated #414 out of the best 5000 fast growing companies in America. The good thing about it is that it is ranked in the same category with Microsoft and Timberland. It should be noted that it is the only water company that is listed with the most elite companies in the world.

According to it CEO and founder Ryan Emmons, Waiakea had that dream of one day becoming the best company in the world. The brand has future goals of improving it even more and improving in its innovation. Emmons proved that there are a lot of ways of growing a business and make it move up the ladder of success.
No successes come out of any company without culture. For instance, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water business is modeled on modes of culture that has enhanced its growth and reputation. Its achievements are associated with its love in maintaining moral standards. Due to that, the company makes sure that all the services it provides are ethical and eco-friendly. That means they are in the forefront in society and environment caring.
Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is known worldwide for its innovative services. The services include helping the local class citizens who need water. In addition to that, they are number one in conducting reforestation. This is a regional project that aims at sustaining the environment.
In the year 2012, Waiakea was founded as the first volcanic water company. With a mission to provide best and sustainable services, Waiakea works on a healthy and charitable environment. It is one company that provides healthy water and caring for the people around it. It gives clean water and education throughout America.
Waiakea’s clean water is obtained from snowmelt water from the peaks of Mauna Loa volcano. The water is purified by passing it through lava. Due to that water becomes alkaline naturally with a sweet test enhanced with minerals. This is the only water company that has carbon neutral certification.

The Innovative Dr. Avi Weisfogel is an Embodiment of Success in the Dentistry and Sleep Medicine Arena

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the CEO and Founder of the New Jersey-based Dental Sleep Masters Company. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is also the CEO and Founder of the Old Bridge Dental Practice. He founded the dental practice after college at NYU when he was new in the industry. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is also known for becoming part of the solutions to the problems facing the sleep apnea patients in the American Medical Society. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has immersed himself into numerous research opportunities that are advanced for a better technology for innovation and solutions. During his first day at work at the Old Bridge Dental Care, Dr. Avi Weisfogel was faced with the first sleep apnea case as a dentist. However, he had limited knowledge on what it takes to achieve better business solutions. Dr. Avi Weisfogel went on to become the best business agent for those seeking advanced sleep apnea medical treatments.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is considered as one of the most proficient dentists in the country. For the third year now, the American Medical Association has recognized Dr. Avi Weisfogel as the best dentist because of his wide range of applications he has developed that are aimed towards treating sleep apnea patients. Sleep apnea is also a killer disease that is responsible for more than 20,000 deaths in the country. While the disease robs off the lives of the innocent, there is hardly any cure for the disease. However, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has developed more than 100 therapies that can be used to treat or reverse the effects of sleep apnea on patients across the United States.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has always been inspired to help other physicians develop the needed skills to help save the life that is robed off by sleep apnea among patients in the world. For this reason, he founded the Dental Sleep Masters Company to extend his training to the doctors and other healthcare officials to get the certification that could help them start treating sleep apnea patients with the developed sleep apnea treatment therapies. In 2012, Dr. Avi Weisfogel also founded the Unlimited Sleep Patient Company that connects doctors from all walks of life in the world.

Daniel Mark Harrison Leads Monkey Capital

Monkey Capital is the number one ICO options selling company in the world. This is so because the company is the first ever in the history of ICO to successfully sell options. Monkey Capital made history in July 2017. Monkey Capital is a form of a decentralized hedge fund that deals with blockchain systems, SpaceX supply contracts as well as the hostile takeover of public companies. Monkey Capital also involved deeply in speculating large blocks of cryptocurrency.

In today’s world, words such as “cryptocurrency” are widely known. Cryptocurrencies are normally circulated through blockchain systems. Monkey Capital being a big player in this market hopes that it will benefit from the huge demand that is being experienced nowadays. More and more people continue to accept the authenticity of cryptocurrencies. This is evident in the manner in which the value of cryptocurrencies continues to swear rapidly. Demand for cryptocurrencies is expected to hit a record high in the next few years.

Daniel Mark Harrison is the managing partner of Monkey Capital. His role is to oversee the operations of the venture capital. According to him, the blockchain systems offers a secure way of transacting in cryptocurrencies. Blockchain system allows users to make transactions anonymously via the internet. The process usually starts by one person requesting for a transaction via the blockchain software. The request is received by a peer-peer network of a node computer. Then, each node will either accept or reject the request. Normally an already set algorithm is used for this system. Transactions will only occur after the transaction is confirmed by the network. In the last stage of completing the transaction, the confirmed request is placed to an existing blockchain.

About Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is an entrepreneur, a media expert, and an author. He is the current CEO of DMH&Co (Daniel Mark Harrison & Co). This is a family owned business which he operates on behalf. DMH&Co run its operations from Singapore, and Bangkok among other places. He is a prominent business leader in Asia.

Daniel Mark Harrison is the managing partner of Monkey Capital. This is a form of a decentralized hedge fund.

How Louis Chenevert Built United Technologies Corporation into a Global Aviation Powerhouse

Louis Chenevert is undoubtedly a jack-of-many-trades. Apart from spending ample time as the Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation, Mr. Chenevert has exuded insightful leadership and keen business acumen while steering the company to unprecedented heights.

While at the helm of the company, the Canadian native is credited with forming a strategic partnership with stakeholders, shareholders, and customers in the quest for entrepreneurial excellence. Initially, the manufacturing sector had been experiencing a rather detrimental decline in the United States’ postwar era. Not only had the sector experienced a less than 50% drop in GDP, but its former glory within the Zenith and Baldwin Locomotives lay in utter ruins.

Nonetheless, a few optimistic manufacturers surprisingly thrived in the rapidly changing pop culture and stifling regulations which essentially put the companies out of business. None experienced as much heat as United Technologies Corporation (UTC), a $63-billion enterprise based in Hartford, Connecticut. Unlike his predecessors, Chenevert possesses that unique ability to uphold innovation and turn UTC into a market leader through its groundbreaking aerospace and building products. At the core of such a unique strategy was compliance with environmental practices and exercising equality when paying workers.

Back then, UTC was widely considered to be at the pinnacle of its legacy by assembling sophisticated engines worldwide and serving both military and commercial customers. What’s more, the company went above and beyond to develop the best escalators and elevators while also playing a critical role in the aviation industry.

Unknown to most people, the company also spent ample time harnessing its Climate, Controls and Security business which significantly boosted its reputation in the provision of refrigeration, heating, air conditioning and fire detection. UTC’s core operations also include manufacturing landing gears, aerostructures, actuators, and brakes.

Nurturing Success through Understanding the Intricate Workings of UTC

Since taking over the company in 2006, Louis Chenevert has positively contributed to UTC’s rapid quest to industrial dominance. His ascension to the company witnessed a dramatic increment in revenues as the company kick-started various services. Chenevert stepped down from his role in 2014, but the effects of his work still remain.

As the CEO, Chenevert is credited with elevating the company’s share price from a bleak $37 to an impressive $117. Not only was this a 200 percent increment but it also highlighted the company’s potential as a dominant industry player.

Beneful Incredibites: The Best Food for Your Small Dog

Beneful Incredibites are the perfect food for small dog breeds. Do not confuse it for being for puppies. Beneful Incredibites are only for small dogs. Each package of Incredibites contains real beef for dogs and numerous nutrients that will help your dog have a healthy metabolism and will help your dogs have stronger bones and teeth. Each pack has twenty three essential vitamins and minerals that will keep your dog healthy and strong. In each cup of Beneful Incredibites, there are 353 calories. It has 10% fewer calories than the original Beneful dog food. Your dog will love the easy to chew, delicious Incredibites that has many ingredients that will keep your dog healthy and happy.

A 15.5 pound bag of Beneful Incredibites costs $13.99. There are coupons available on the Beneful website and there is also a 3.5 pound bag for $3.99.

All flavors of Beneful Incredibites are the best flavor because your dog will love all of the delicious flavors available.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

     Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega was born on the 17th day of January 1962 Mexico. He is the serving director and the executive vice President of Grupo Televise, S.A. In the Spanish speaking world, GrupoTelevisa is the largest media company.

His board memberships

Since April 1997, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has been on the board Televisa. On April 20th, 2009, Alfonso Angoitia is named the chair of the finance committee of the Company. At this declaration, Nariega was an independent member of the Board of Directors, Group Modelo SAB de CV. He also served as a Board Member in Bolsa Mexican de Valores, Pepsi Bottling Group Mexico (PBG), Empresas Cablevision and Sky. In the Univision, Alfonso served as an alternative member of the Board of Directors.

His career

Alfonso Angoitia being an executive Vice President doesn’t mean he just works up and found himself in this position. He took time in his career. Between the years 1999-2003, Alfonso was a chief financial officer. He worked with White & Case LLB in the New York City before joining Group Televisa. He is among the founding partners of Angoitia, Mijares, Cortes y Fuentes, S.C, which is among leading law firm in Mexico. Alfonso also worked as a personal Attorney to Emilio Azcarraga. As a personal Attorney, he worked with his boss to legally and financially restructure this company and it regained its operation control.

Alfonso is considered a close ally to Emilio Azcarraga Jean and Televisa’s financial mastermind. He was very instrumental. In just a month, he was able to merge Televisa and Univision closing a deal of $1.2 billion. This greatly enabled Televisa to get access to her desired US Hispanic Market, The United States.

Alfonso de Angoitia is a regular annual attendee of the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference media summit in Idaho. This annual conference is usually hosted by Investment Firm Allen & Company, privately owned company that features politics, business, culture heavyweights and philanthropy deeds.


In their senior years at the University, Nathaniel Ru and his friends had trouble locating a healthy place to eat. Seemingly, the answer to their problems lay in a 560 square-foot tavern sitting on M Street in the downtown area.


This space was where the concept of the popular, Sweetgreen restaurant, was first actualized. The restaurant chain currently has a store in almost every major city in the northeast and their surroundings. Their serving is healthy and fresh since most of the ingredients are purchased locally from farmers.


Sweetgreen’s business concept has on many occasions been compared to that of Apple for their striking resemblance. Although the two companies deal with very different products, they both pride themselves on their ability to challenge the norm. For instance, Being a restaurant business, it is unconventional that Sweetgreen throws an annual music festival. However, connecting music and food has been one of the great successes of the company. Thus showing that the owners have the courage to challenge pre-existing norms with their genius business ideas.


Theresia Dold, the head of digital marketing at Sweetgreen observed that in today’s business world, consumers are not drawn to what a company does, but the way they do it. Expounding on that theory, Ru held that despite the large fleet of stores run by Sweetgreen, the company has a responsibility to uphold the three core values of the organization as well as serve the surrounding community.


Ru asserts that the company’s signatory food and music experience has made Sweetgreen appeal itself to consumers as an excellent restaurant company and a lifestyle brand. Over the last four years, their annual food and music festival, dubbed Sweetlife, has evolved into one of the biggest festivals of its type. It attracts more than 20,000 people including local food purveyors, farmers and local music and food enthusiasts.


“Tribal” marketing is a primary contributing factor to Sweetgreen’s success. Through a recent “ “Tribal” marketing initiative, the company is looking to partner with healthy lifestyle businesses. For instance, Sweetgreen held yoga classes in Washington DC and collaborated in cross-marketing with fitness clubs by directing customers to gym instructors who recommend Sweetgreen stores to their clients.


About Nathaniel Ru


Nathaniel was born and raised in Pasadena. He is a 2007 Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business graduate who holds a bachelors degree in finance. He is a proud CEO and co founder of an American fast casual kitchen that focuses on local sourcing and sustainability, Sweetgreen restaurant chains.

Kate Hudson Branches Out With Successful Fabletics Brand

Fabletics is a growing force in the world of athletic wear. In recent years, athleisure gear has become trendy. More and more, women are wearing workout-style leggings and tops outside of the gym. Because of its comfort and convenience, athleisure gear is becoming a status symbol.

Fabletics is best-known for its subscription model. Members receive monthly emails allowing them to shop available looks. Fabletics curates carefully. Subscribers love the tasteful, high-quality goods on offer. After just three years, Fabletics has become a $250 million business.

Fabletics also operates a small number of brick-and-mortar retail stores. By focusing on e-commerce, this brand has been able to stay light on its feet and adapt to changes in the marketplace.

Fabletics has used social media wisely. This is a company that knows how to create demand. Unlike many retailers that struggle to get people in the door, Fabletics has a loyal subscriber base that can’t wait to see the goods in person.

In essence, Fabletics has reversed the traditional showroom model. This is a key to its success. In the age of online retailers, the opposite tends to be true. Shoppers will walk into a store to see items in person. Then they go online to find a better deal. With real business savvy, the founders managed to stay well ahead of the curve.

“Almost Famous” actress Kate Hudson is one of the co-founders of Fabletics. She’s also the face of it’s marketing efforts. Recently, the company expanded into men’s activewear. Oliver Hudson, Kate’s brother, is the face of this line. Why has such a successful, famous family taken to this business so readily?

Kate Hudson knows a good thing when she sees one. She’s a working Mom who knows that women want to look and feel great, even when they’re very busy. Fabletics subscribers take a quiz. Once the company knows more about their taste, they’re offered personalized options. That’s way more efficient than hunting for clothes all day at the mall.

Finally, Hudson feels great about inspiring women to take care of themselves. It’s tough to get motivated to work out. If you’re pulling on designer leggings instead of a frumpy shorts and sports bra combo, it’s easier to get excited.

Fabletics has harnessed the power of celebrity and social media to make customers feel great. Everyone in this company’s story is a winner. And what could be better than that?

Boraie’s significant achievement in Real Estate Businesses in New Brunswick

40 year ago, Omar Boraie moved to New Brunswick with an intention to obtain Ph.D. in Chemistry. While in New Brunswick, Omar developed an interest in real estate business. He began by buying plots and neglected structures within the region. In 1988, Omar officially opened the Albany Street Plaza Tower One. The plaza offered the residents first class offices. In 2007, he opened the second building known as Albany Street Plaza Tower Two. This plaza was followed immediately with the One Spring Street Condominium which had a capacity of 120 apartments of varying sizes.

Boraie Development continued to buy underutilized and buildings. The company then convert such buildings into proper structures which can be used for housing accommodation and offices. His son then took over the company as the vice president and made great innovations to establish decent buildings in areas that were considered waste. The Boraie Development helped to rehabilitate the area around the Richard Stockon College which looked like a dump. He also renovated the students’ hostels to accommodate about 400 students.

According to WSJ, the vision of Omar Boraie to change the state of New Brunswick by investing into the real estate business has come to pass. His mentality and belief that he could add value to anything invaluable and increase its worth led him to this far. His son Wasseem Boraie who took after him contributed immensely towards the achievement of his goals. Through his charismatic leadership approach, he managed to get many supporters who have helped him in achieving the goals of the company. Visit Fundacity for more info.

A real estate development company known as Boraie Development LLC is located in New Brunswick in New Jersey. The company is a specializes in urban development within the region. This was the vision of the president of Boraie Company some years back. The president, Omar Boraie is delighted to see his dream for New Brunswick come to pass.the information above was published at Central Jersey Working Moms. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Omar Boraie is a Genomic Scientist and an entrepreneur. He worked as a traveling scholar of chemistry in Europe. In 1972, Omar Boraie decided to start the real estate business after seeing the need in the region. He saw an opportunity for luxury developments since many professionals were working in New Brunswick with no place to stay. This professional had to leave New Brunswick deserted after job. With an intention to attract high-level tenants, he decided to design his building projects in a way that would attract them.


“Entreprenuers in Real Estate Industry.” Central Jersey Working Moms, 30 Apr. 2017,

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You are not limited in how much money you can make. The truth is that it is fairly easy to start, as you are not alone at any step of the way. When starting out, you will get access to a lot of training and support online and in person. You will get marketing materials and a success kit that contains whatever you will need to be successful. All you need to do to get started is to sign up on their website, after which you will be immediately matched with someone who will help guide you. This will be your personal guide and trainer, and they will give you advice so that you can get started with throwing events and making money right away. You will be able to call them up and ask any questions whenever you need to. There is an online training center that will teach you how to market your events, how to get people to come, how to make your events exciting, and of course, how to make money working from home. There is also a Harvest Conference where you will be able to hear speakers and interact with other wine guides and people who are working with The Traveling Vineyard to make money.

The Traveling Vineyard is based in Massachusetts. It has around five thousand representatives. You can become a representative as well. A representative is another name for a wine guide. The Traveling Vineyard is a member of the Better Business Bureau. It is also a member of the Direct Selling Association, which holds all its members to high standards.