Larkin And Lacey – The Event That Started The Frontera Fund

Mr. Jim Larkin and Mr. Michael Lacey are the proud owners of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times. One nice aspect about them is that they have been generous in donating the settlement money that they received after their imprisonment by the Sheriff. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikepida

It was very late at night that the two were arrested by the Sheriff from their homes. They got at least 3.75 million dollars amount after they had sued the county. Mr. Larkin and Mr. Lacey has spent their entire careers to defend the First Amendment rights that were in the United States Court of Appeals.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund will actively be coming in support of the groups that exhibit human, civil and migrant rights and also freedom of speech all through Arizona.

The southern Arizona Foundation provides college scholarships to hardworking and academically sound students of Mexico. This foundation is aware of the endeavors of the young migrants who do not have the proper documentation. They are often denied higher education that they wish to pursue.

These young people are even refused scholarships that have got public funds. Dreamers know the foundation they have offered in the community and also worked for the human rights of others. The foundation has a notion that to know the efforts of the Dreamers; it paves the path for more productivity. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

The primary objective of Fundacion Mexico is to make its presence felt and also influence the Hispanic and Mexican community. It aims to develop a congenial atmosphere between Mexico and the United States of America. We provide community service and also promote a strong democratic ethics.

Our primary aim is to exercise the human rights and improve individuality with the cultural and semantic expression. We have discovered that no fund actively supports research. We have signed an agreement with the UA Foundation. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund

This will not support the higher education of the dreamers like the agreement that we possess with the Foundation of Pima College. It comes to the aid of the graduate students. These ends are pivotal and essential for the community.

The first scholarship was given in the fall semester 2016 for at least $1000 USD to the one who won the research project. The least objective is $25000 in five years. Fundacion Mexico has got the partnership with PCC Foundation to build the FM Endowment Fund and also grant $25,725.

Fundacion Mexico has provided at least $55000 in scholarships till now. Fundacion Mexico is a non-profit organization that came into existence in the middle of 1998. It got the active participation of students and professors from the Arizona University. It was never a professional management. Friends and associates have actively participated in it.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer – One of Brazil’s Greatest Entrepreneur’s

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is known as one of Brazil’s most successful entrepreneurs. He is part of the third generation of the Sirotsky family who were all successful entrepreneurs as well. Coming from a family of prominent business men, he is the grandson of Mauricio Sirotsky Sobriho, who founded RBS Group. Melzer is now the president and chairman of RBS Group. He is proud to expand his expertise into the family business and carry on their cultural knowledge. The RBS Group expands to the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. RBS Company invests in several businesses such as e.Bricks Digital. In an article on Acaert, Melzer is also the founder and chairman of e.Bricks Digital. Some of the investment businesses that they have taken interest in operate in Brazil and in the United States.

According to Globo, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, also known as Duda Melzer, has built a successful career since the age of 26. He attended college at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) where he graduated with his Business Administration degree. He continued on to achieve his Master’s degree in Business Administration. He went on to study executive level courses at Harvard Business School and eventually attended Harvard in the United States. Prior to his achievement as president of RBS, he worked as a Senior Financial Analyst at Delphi Corporation.

He worked for many prominent companies for a number of years before becoming the chairman of the RBS group in 2012. Duda Melzer has worked hard in the business management industry as an entrepreneur, and is proud to bring his expertise to many citizens. He relays many of his hard earned efforts to Harvard professor, John Davis, who helped him to become the entrepreneur that he is today. Jim Collins and Ram Charan are also two consultants that have been a large influence in his life.

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Brian Torchin is the Go-To for Healthcare Staffing

Now based in Philadelphia, Brian Torchin received a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from the University of Delaware and his doctor of chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College.

He has over 34 years of healthcare experience, and for the past ten years, he has been the CEO of Health Care Recruitment Counselors Staffing, providing high-quality staff for the healthcare industry, along with professional counseling for job seekers.

According to Behance, Brian Bonar found a large hole in healthcare. There were talented professionals looking for a great workplace, and fantastic employers hoping to find employees that were the right fit.

In 2007, he did something about it and started HCRC, after over a decade’s experience with staffing and managing medical offices. For employers, he offers prescreened staff, informational online seminars, and contract negotiations. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

For job-seekers, Brian offers counseling on how to get and keep the job that dream job. The numerous testimonials on the company website show that he takes great care to match staff and clients. His company has grown to serve not just the entire United States, but also Canada, Asia, Australia, and Europe. In order to serve such a large clientele, the company has extended hours on nights and weekends.

He regularly posts on the company blog, sharing his extensive knowledge by addressing all aspects of being a medical professional, from explaining malpractice insurance to how to make your front office more inviting to patients.

Brian Torchin has proved himself to be the industry leader in professional staffing. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates on HCRC and postings of jobs for which they are currently placing.

The Product That’s Re-defining Hair Care

In a world full of YouTube beauty product review channels, cosmetic blogs full of Sephora product first impression articles, and reviews written about products on their selling platforms, women want to know how others rate the claims that companies are making about their products. A review that stood out was one made by Emily McClure, a female who decided to give Wen by Chaz’s cleansing conditioner a try, as well as provide the public an interesting article about how it performed on her fine hair.

What exactly is a cleansing conditioner? Well, it is a product that simultaneously washes and conditioners your hair at the same time. The benefits of saving time and soft hair are enough to captivate many people’s attention, giving Wen by Chaz’s hair care line an edge over the other Amazon products. Emily McClure reported on Bustle’s website that it made her hair feel great, and even that less hair strands fell out when she washed her hair (compared to her other cleansing regimen products). Photos of each day’s hair was posted over a period of 7 days. For those interested in seeing the photos of Emily’s cleansed and conditioned hair, take a trip over to, where the original article can be found.

Securus Technologies Releases Wave Of Customer Comments

As the leading provider of public safety technology tools in the industry, Securus Technologies receives a lot of feedback from their customers. These customers are made up of officials in police departments and corrections facilities across America and Canada. The tools are used to prevent crimes from happening and investigate them when they do, as well as provide safety in prisons and monitor inmates calls to the outside world.

Rick Smith is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Securus Technologies. When releasing the customer’s comments, he also made a statement saying that his company is committed to providing cutting-edge technology to those in the civil and criminal justice industries. He said his team at Securus Technologies release a new technological tool every week that helps keep the public safe. He said the letters show how his company’s tools are being used to help society and that his company is a partner in protecting and serving the citizens in the countries they operate in.

One of the letters expresses how Securus Technologies tools were used to apprehend a corrupt staff member at one corrections facilities. Due to phone monitoring, they were able to determine the staff member had been introducing contraband into the prison. This resulted in that person’s arrest and the letter writer said they couldn’t have done it without Securus Technologies.

Another letter writer said that his facility had been rife with contraband such as drugs, alcohol, and illicit mobile phones. Monitored calls led to shutting down the ring that had been supplying this contraband, including a person from outside the prison who had been illegally selling prescription drugs.

The letters all describe how officials use Securus Technologies tools on a daily basis and consider the company an excellent partner in their efforts to keep the public safe.


The Reserve Rises in Power – A Taste of Greater Things to Come?

The US Money Reserve announced its start of a new website system in which all users may view their accounts, buy precious metals and explore related topic information or even receive it for free via mail. As of its launch in February 2016, it has grown more and more in popularity and usage as the majority of all consumers now populates the World Wide Web.

The resulting success was foreseen to be what it is today, and there’s still more promise of further implementations within the site and its respective system. In fact, future plans are now in effect, and they are set for a final release date sometime within the next 10 years.

The US economy is exploding at a tremendously positive rate, and the Reserve business is not far behind it.

Philip N. Diehl, the current President, states his joy in the success of the new operation and his faith in its continued endeavors, encouraging all present or potential members to explore the site online and find everything they need, for he states that the core of the entire business is found within the pages of the massive site’s individual links.

A Knowledge Center, a Client Connect Advantage and So Much More is Now Available

Diehl mentions the new online Knowledge Center, in which first-time visitors may request more information on the topics of precious metals such as when to buy, who to buy from and the benefits of buying from the Reserve directly.

The site’s staff promises to answer all other questions in a friendly and timely manner as well, leaving no room for doubt, especially when it comes to the delicate theme of precious metals; all information must always be accurate and helpful. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

New-comers are encouraged to browse until fully satisfied and then to browse some more, because there will always be something available for everyone from this massive US Government supplier.

Also, the Full Headline Gold News Room of the site offers accurate and up-to-date information on the latest information regarding the quickly fluctuating market for precious metals.


For those who seek to know more about grading, purchasing or minting of any specific coins, this serves as a fantastic resource as well. The new Client Connect Advantage system takes things a step further. It allows the Reserve to immediately engage clients one-on-one.

Improved Medical Attention- Copa Star Hospital

Copa Star Hospital has completed its renovation which has taken about three years. The residents of Rio were happy to receive a new hospital with new standards. The new Copa Star Hospital is located in Rio de Janeiro in Figueiredo Magalhaes Street, Copacabana. After the renovation of the health facility, it has improved services as well as products with a combination of luxury, comfort, and excellent technology. The new building is part of the Rede D’Or SauLuiz ventures, and it looks like a five-star hotel. Read more at about Copa Star.

The health facility is one of its own with 21 thousand square meters and seven floors which are developed with the latest technology and modification. Copa Star Hospital has one of the technologies that cannot and has never been found in any other medical center in the country. The medical facility provides iPads to their inpatients which allow them to have a conversation with their doctors or even nurses. Hospital Copa Star also has automated beds in their patients’ rooms. The interns in the organization are taken through a simple examination of changing the lighting of a room, closing and the opening of the doors, windows, and curtains which are all automated.

Residence in Rio used to travel to Sao Paulo to get sophisticated medical attention, this is according to the founder, cardiologist, and who is the President of Copa Star Hospital Jorge Moll. The reconstruction of the hospital cost more than R$ 400 million, and it began in 2013. The President of the medical center further said that the new facility brings excellent health care services combined with medical experts who have a vast experience in the medical procedures as well as handling of patients. Copa Star creates a friendly environment which helps their patients recover easily. The corridors at the hospital are human-friendly and comfortable for use by any person including the disabled. The art on the corridors are also very attractive and was done by a paint expert Yutaka Toyota from Japan.

Copa Star Hospital took about two months to train its staff on how to use and operate their new building as well as the facilities in the center. The team at the organization consists of about 550 officers who 113 are professional medical doctors. The team has also been trained on how to handle their patients, how to dress while in the hospital, and also what kind of makeup to apply.

The hospital management announced that it would not only accept private patients who can pay an enormous amount of cash to receive treatment, but it is open to every patient in the country and abroad. The center also will accept all forms of payment including insurance plans. The center is planning to expand its services to other cities shortly.

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How To Choose An Advertising Professional, Like Alexandre Gama

Are you a business owner or company advertising manager looking for expert assistance? Need help marketing and promoting your business or products to your target audience in Brazil? If you are planning to launch a new enterprise or expand an existing organization, it is advisable to turn to an experienced advertising expert for proper guidance.

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian advertising and business professional, and he has provided top notch services to numerous clients around Brazil.

Advertising your business or organization is extremely important as potential customers will not know about your offer unless you present it to them. Many companies face stiff competition in the business world, and you can’t afford to ignore taking steps to make your presence known. An experienced advertising or marketing professional can help you gain customers and increase your sales and revenue.

Alexandre Gama is a highly reputable advertising professional, and a successful entrepreneur. Alexandre Gama has been rendering superior advertising help and advice in the industry is highly respected by his colleagues and clients. Alexandre Gama has access to some of the best tools and industry resources that can help take your business to the next level.

Roberto Santiago; the Distinctive Entrepreneur

Shopping has been prioritized high up the needs of most people in today’s world, especially for the youth. More often than not, malls are subdivided into smaller stalls that stock almost all products for human use. They are like the modern day hypermarket whereby everything is found under one roof. To establish a state of the art shopping mall, it requires more than just a structure to achieve it. One needs to pool resources both technical and professional for the project to pull through. Successful shopping malls are hard to come by, but Roberto Santiago made it a reality through his Manaira Shopping Mall in Brazil.

Roberto Santiago was born in 1968 in Brazil. He is a successful businessman and an entrepreneur of his time. Raised in Joao Pessoa, he attended the Pio X-Marist College and later on joined Joao Pessoa University Center where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

He commenced his career as an entrepreneur by founding and launching a cartonnage company. His enterprise involved designing and manufacturing of cardboard cartons that he sold to other institutions for re-use. As is the aim of every business, the company flourished and was a huge success which led to its expansion under his exceptional leadership. He has also ventured the real estate business in Joao Pessoa city. Read more at Blog Do Gordinho.

It was in 1989 that his silver lining became evident through the development of Manaira Shopping Mall. Its construction took about two years to complete, and it turned out to be one of the most magnificent structures in the city to the extent that it is regarded the city’s landmark. It offers a platform for an all-around shopping experience to all its visitors. It is an eye-catching structure that provides services to not only the people of Joao Pessoa but also those all over the country. Manaira Shopping Mall stands as the largest mall in Paraiba and certainly the biggest in Brazil.

Manaira Shopping Mall offers extensive shopping options to its visitors including a huge food court, gaming area, a theater, a rooftop concert hall, fitness center, a college, and banks. More so, the mall is pride to the country as it serves as a tourist attraction site receiving the courtesy of foreign visitors who come to visit Brazil.

Through the Mall, Santiago has built a name for himself as one of the leading entrepreneurs in the country. He has worked to make Brazil a better shopping place by ensuring that the mall provides to all the needs of its customers. Roberto Santiago attributes his success to commitment, discipline, hard work, and passion. He extends entrepreneurial advice to the youth urging them to actualize their ideas and has personally helped a few make their ideas a reality. Visit TripAdvisor to read more.

Tim Armour Points To Flaws In Buffett’s Investment Style

Foolish as it may seem, a group of hedge fund managers have accepted an investing challenge from Warren Buffett. The “Oracle of Omaha” bet $1 million in charitable donations, paid to the organization of the winner’s choosing, that he could raise more in returns by sticking to the S&P 500 passive index.

While Buffet’s place in the world of enterprising investors is without question, Tim Armour pointed out a significant flaw in his active investment style that could spell failure for investors who choose to follow him too closely.

Common wisdom would suggest that passive index is safer since it requires small risk and promises returns larger than that. But Armour points out that this logic is really only beneficial in a bull market. The current expansion of markets is an abnormality, as the current bull market has been around far longer than normal. It will pass, and Armour sees a time when investors who made gains in the current environment fail drastically when a bear market introduces itself and wiser investors begin to significantly decrease the amount of risk they’re willing to shoulder.

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Instead of playing things safe in this way, Armour suggests investors look to investments where managers are willing to invest themselves. Managers have an intimate understanding of how their investment is being received by investors, and the willingness to risk their own capital shows a degree of faith that can attract more funding. Armour readily points out that investments where managers invest their own capital have a higher than average return than those who don’t. It’s the kind of investments new investors should keep an eye out for when erratic times strike the market.

About Timothy Armour

Tim Armour has had a lifelong career with Capital Group Companies. Having graduated from Middlebury College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Armour went on to work in investments and telecommunications for over 30 years. This experience with Capital Group led Armour to being named Chairman, Director, and Principal Executive Officer for Capital Research and Management Company.