IDLife is one of the rapidly growing health and wellness centers. Logan Stout founded it with the aim of sharing tips for people to lead a healthy lifestyle. It reaches its goal by offering high quality and customized vitamins and nutritional products.

Recently, IDLife made public its partnership with one of the leaders in wearable device technology known as Garmin International. From 1st June 2017, customers of IDLives will have access to Garmin’s line on Customers are assured of the integration of the Garmin wearable date in the IDWellness app in few months to come.

The amalgamation of the two organization is a win for both. IDLife, for instance, will be able to equip people with tools necessary for healthier lifestyles. Both companies believe that leading a healthy life is far much important than being healthy. The Garmin Index Smart Scale, for instance, does not only display a person’s weight but connects over the Wi-Fi and measures body fat, water percentage as well as BMI.

For more than 10 years, Garmin has had the expertise in wearable devices and offers a range of products designed with a purpose of matching any individual’s activities. The integration will allow the IDWellness mobile app feature Garmin’s Vivo activity tracker and the index smart scale.

Logan Stout established the company in the year 2014. IDLife has had a rapid growth and has partnered with Troy Aikman, Jen Widerstrom among other people. In the year 2016, the company gained recognition as one of the 100 businesses in the world. Logan Stout is not only into business. He also is a keynote speaker, a leadership trainer as well as an author.

Throughout his career, he has kept his record credible. Many people consider him a team leader whose principles of success have driven him to his ventures. His passion lies in helping other people build leadership skills.



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