As a board member, resident and chief executive officer of CNS Bioscience Matthew Autterson is a businessman. The CNS Bioscience Inc. was founded by Scott Falci and is a clinical-stage drug development company. As a Chief Executive Officer, he has the power to help people who are in neuropathic pain, by ensuring that safe and effective drugs are released for them. Matthew Autterson graduated with a BA in finance in1980 from Michigan Set University. In 1968, after managing more school and beginning his career at First Trust Corporation he became president of Resources Trust Company. Which was shortly after acquired by Broad Inc, who became SunAmerica, who was then bought by AIG.


With 25 years in the financial services industry, Matthew Autterson knows his stuff. He was president of one of the largest financial institutions in the US. He’s a leader in the US-based Business community and has supported a wide variety of philanthropic interests including the Board of Denver Zoo and Denver Zoological Foundation. The zoo’s successful Do At The Zoo of 2000 was attributed to Mr. Autterson along with most of the year’s success. His financial understanding brought connections that delivered a new sponsor who gave 50,000 dollars to the zoo. This year because of Mr. Matthew Autterson’s success and additions to the community he brought in over 2,500 guests.


This is one of many things Mr. Autterson has brought to the world with his gracious heart and ability to find finances where others cannot. He currently lives in Colorado and works as a managing partner at GL3B Partners Limited, LLP. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, he even runs a small Youtube channel where he talks about a variety of different things in life, and though his twitter is less than active his information is up to date. From handing out financial advice to attacking the Baja 1000 Matt and his family are a force to be reckoned with, not even the 1,296 miles off-road race in Mexico could hold them down, as a part of a six-member team they finished in just under 2 days. He’s even noted the exchange rates between different countries along with other bits and pieces of business and financial advice. He’s been featured in Medium though he isn’t active there yet because he’s far too busy using his financial know-how and his ability to change the world to do some good. Refer to This Article for more information.

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