A business development manager is the primary driving force in every organization. Therefore, a business development manager is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the company grows. From working on attractive displays that will woe a client to ensuring that the existing clients attract other acquaintances, a business development manager determines the direction that a firm takes. As such, Ronald Fowlkes has of late been described as an individual who fits this bill. Mr. Fowlkes is the current business development manager at Eagle Industries. He is revered because of his extensive skills in management and finance. Most importantly, Mr. Fowlkes has initially worked in different corporations that allowed him to gain vast experience in his capacity as a team leader. Here is a look at his career and his past experiences.


Background Data


At Eagle Industries Limited, Mr. Fowlkes’ duties entail calling on prospective clients who will later define the client base, fostering product education and maintaining the already acquired client base to enhance sales and revenue. So far, his performance has been outstanding as he has correctly crafted the art of service delivery by ensuring that most clients are pleased by the products. Because he works with more than 150 employees, Mr. Fowlkes is trusted to provide them with solid skills to handle clients.




Mr. Ronald Fowlkes is a former member of the U.S. Marine Corps. He has diligently served his country in the past. This explains why corporations like Eagle Industries Limited agreed to give him a sensitive spot of leadership. For more than two decades, Ronald Fowlkes worked with the law enforcement department as well. It is because of his leadership skills and management that he managed to accomplish so much in his capacity as well.




Fowlkes’ career extends to JIEDDO, also known as the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization. From the name of this organization, Ronald Fowlkes was in charge of handling sensitive logistics regarding safety and mounting as well as dismounting infantry operations within the combat zone.


More Roles


In addition to that, Mr. Fowlkes worked for the U.S. Military as a dedicated tactical operations manager. He ensured that his team was well versed in certain skills including hostage rescue and post-blast analysis. Fowlkes always registered impressive performance in all his duties. He worked closely with his teammates to make sure that safety was promoted at all times.




In addition to the stated roles, Mr. Fowlkes worked at SWAT/URBAN. In this corporation, he was in charge of monitoring high-risk entries and barricade subjects as well as hostage incidents. And of course, every time a unit was not deployed tactically, Fowlkes stepped in to initiate investigations and get to the root of the matter. Fowlkes has diligently served his country. He continues to do so even at Eagle Industries Limited.


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