Christopher Bailey of Burberry has taken up mentoring Ryan Seacrest. The two have joined in the world of fashion. Ryan Seacrest met Bailey during his time on American Idol. Ryan had his entire wardrobe designed by Bailey. It played a part in his image while competing. The suits that Seacrest wore became integral to his image. They were part of the reason America decided to name him the winner. Once Ryan Seacrest won the show, he became a regular host on the popular show. The suits are still part of his image. He wanted to help everyone in America have the ability to dress nice like he did. The clothes were all designed to be well fitted to his body and provide him with a favorable profile.


Bailey agreed to become Ryan Seacrest’s mentor when creating their new fashion line. Ryan Seacrest liked the cuts, material, and details that Bailey used in all of his designs. Ryan Seacrest integrated these in his designs with his new fashion line. The choices were left up to Seacrest. He selected the designs, cuts, fabrics, and details that he liked. The fashion line was created with popular retailer Macy’s. The clothes were designed to be available to the average American. The prices are fair, and the materials are quality. The quality is the most important feature that Ryan Seacrest wanted in his suits. Each suit is tailored to fit the wearer snugly.


Ryan Seacrest and Macy’s have also introduced a line of accessories to match the suits. The line will include pocket squares, ties, belts, cuff links, and jewelry. The pieces were hand-chosen by Ryan Seacrest, and each will compliment the suit nicely. The true sense of style comes from Ryan Seacrest’s time spent on American Idol. He enjoys being able to give his fans the same fashion forward feeling that he has. He is hosting the next season of American Idol, and he also hosts his own talk show and radio show. Ryan Seacrest is quickly becoming a great American entrepreneur and international mogul. He works daily, and he will not stop anytime soon.

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