Matt Badiali is a respected geologist and financial advisor. He earned a master’s degree in Geology. He traveled to many countries examining the natural resource assets of large companies and had to determine if they were valuable. His extensive training as a geologist has enabled him to be able to pick very profitable resource stocks. Subscribers to his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist have claimed to have doubled or tripled their money because of his recommendations. He is now the man famous for spreading the word about “Freedom Checks” and how Americans can take advantage of a tax-free income stream.

Matt Badiali has recently taken notice of some Chinese mining companies. The enthusiasm for electric vehicles in the US is slowing down a bit but Chinese miners remain extremely bullish on the long-term outlook for the electric vehicle. The lithium miners saw a decent amount of speculative money in 2018, but they ended up dropping. Base metal stocks were on a tear until the trade war between China and the US really started to heat up. Also, investors are worried about the growing economic concerns among the emerging markets. Base metals are in high demand in a booming economy, but the trade war, as well as economic instability in the emerging markets, could slow growth for the entire world.

This would mean lower base metal prices and less demand. The Chinese government is requiring their countries’ automakers to have electric cars compose of ten percent of all car sales by 2019. Chinese mining companies should profit greatly with the support of their government. Matt Badiali says the Chinese are investing in copper, cobalt, nickel and lithium assets all around the world because these metals are required if there is to be a boom in electric cars. Subscribers to Matt Badiali’s newsletter Real Wealth Strategist have already made fantastic profits due to the recommendations he made of Chinese miners purchasing copper assets.

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