National Steel Car is one of the best-managed companies in North America. The company which is located in Hamilton Canada has been doing very well in terms of growth. It is led by a chief executive officer who is dedicated to the works of making the company great. National Steel Car is led by Gregory Aziz. He bought this company in 1994 from Dofasco. Since he joined the company, he has been keen on making the production capacity of the company better. He has been dealing with many issues that affect the company in a bid to make the business operations of the company better. He has been in the industry making remarkable changes that are admirable.



In five years of his leadership, the production capacity of the company had already improved by a great margin, after he bought the company, he came in with one plan of making the company successful. As an economist, he had enough knowledge that would make him a good leader for the company. His first mission was to put in place renovation measures. Greg Aziz employed qualifies engineers who have carried out the work of improving the production capacity of the firm. In addition, he pumped more money into technological advancements in the company. The two inputs have made the company succeed. Technology that is backed up by the skilled human resource is very important for a firm.



National Steel Car has been developing at a very good pace under his management. A company that was doing 3500 cars is now doing over 12000 in a year. This is the success that has been made possible by Greg Aziz. NatioNational Steel Car also improved the number of workers that it has employed in the corporation. It now has a very happy workforce that is proud of the achievements that they have brought to the company. Consumers of their products are more than pleased by the services that have been given to this company. View More Information Here.

Gregory James Aziz is born in Ontario. He has been the CEO and president of National Steel Car for two decades now. In this period the company has recorded huge improvements. Greg Aziz who was born in 1949 holds a degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario. He graduated from the institution in 1971 after which he joined his family business. He has worked for other businesses in the region including investment banks. He found the deal to buy National Steel Car while he was working in the investments banks industry. Gregory James Aziz is truly a top business executive going by his achievements.


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